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Tree Care:
We undertake all aspects of tree care and tree reporting in both the domestic and commercial markets.
From full site clearance, tree removal, pruning and stump grinding to comprehensive tree surveys and reports our trained and qualified tree team are here to help.

Surveys and reports for complete tree care.

G.P.S. tree surveys
Tree health & condition reports
Pre-planning tree surveys and reports
Arboricultural Impact Assessments
Mortgage insurance tree reports
Tree related subsidence & settlement reports
Advice on National Joint Utility Council guidelines when excavating in proximity to trees
Tree management programmes
Advice on trees covered by Tree Preservation Orders & trees growing within conservation areas

Comprehensive tree surgery.

Crown reduction & pruning
Crown thinning
Crown raising
Tree felling & removal
Hedge trimming
Cable bracing
Stump grinding
Replacement tree planting
Site clearance

Did You Know?

We’ve surveyed over 25,000 trees since establishing the business in 1984.
In 2017, we planted more than 7000 trees within the North East.

Why rely on our tree services?

In addition to adhering to the objectives of the Arboriculture Association to promote and raise standards of tree care and management, our pruning works are always undertaken in accordance with BS 3998. We are fully insured for all contracting and consultancy works.