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Family Trees:
We know the important role trees have in our environment and we are using our Family Trees initiative to grow tree numbers by working with local schools on special planting days where we are donating trees to replace those we have removed during other Tree Removal works.

Working with children.

As part of our Family Trees initiative we aim to provide and assist in the planting of saplings within local schools. By doing this, we are offering a fun and educational opportunity for children to understand the care that newly planted trees require.

What is our aim?

We understand the importance of educating future generations on the environmental necessity of trees for the health of people, our planet and the preservation of our landscape.

Did You Know?

We are a business which takes pride in having three generations of the Batson family working together.

How can you get involved?

We would love to hear from parents, teachers and other members of the local communities within County Durham who would like to get involved with our Family Trees initiative.
Please contact us via email or telephone: 01388 730257 or